Saturday, October 30, 2010

Own It They Did

Conferences this week. Expected nothing less than their best efforts. And they surpassed all expectations. Again. These little people are simply successful and productive in everything they do, touch, think of, and imagine.

She was rockin' a new hairstyle. She owned it baby.

They all wanted to know who the powerhouse behind Alyssa was. I, of course, took all the credit. Mind you, my math skills are essentially non-existent, and my English ees not so gud. Isaiah and Manuel came with me to her conference and Manuel kept asking me, "What if she gets a B, mom?" "Are you gonna ground her?" To which her Geometry teacher responded, "You need to go sit down. These are confidential!" Manuel responded with his own snide remark, "She's so grounded!" She did get 1 B. In Geometry. She was not given points for class participation for about 2 weeks because she was nasty ill. Hospital nasty ill. She scored A's in everything else. Told ya. She is amazing. She is smart. She has a good heart. She's ballsy. She's gorgeous. She's mine. All mine.

Oh, and the real powerhouse behind Alyssa? Alyssa.

Michael. Oh my dear Michael. Kindergarten has nothing on you my love. His teacher was all like, "What can I say? You are doing a great job of making sure he does his homework. His test scores are wonderful. He plays well with others." And his dad was all like, "Cool." I think Michael summed it best when he told me the other morning as I was getting him ready for school, "Mom, you shouldn't send me to school because all the girls in my class just jaaaack me up." Imaging his head moving from shoulder to shoulder too. I just about died laughing. I might've peed too. Apparently, these little chicks like to touch his long hair and they corner him against the fence. Apparently, he loves it. A little too much. Whatever dude. As long as you want to go to school and do fantastic, the motivation is up to you. Kinder girls are pushy. Just sayin'.

Straight O's baby. O's for outstanding.

His teacher loves him. She wants a class full of Manuel's. My question: why can't he behave like that at home. Seriously. She was full of compliments and love and praise and more compliments. Again, I took full credit. Shamelessly. Even though he does all his work. Hardly asks for help. He is popular with the guys, starting basketball teams and soccer teams and football teams. All on his own. He's a leader. They follow him. And he get's straight A's. What more can I ask for? He is passive. Always wanting to please. Don't get me wrong. The boy can argue. For sure we will have a lawyer. A man of character and integrity and most of all, empathy. That is my son. Mine. And it doesn't hurt that he's good lookin'. Wow. A good looking lawyer. I can handle that.

Aiden. My Aiden had some issues with separation. Anxiety to be exact. So we made a mutual decision, the school and us, to part ways until the next school year. But while there, my Aiden rocked the hell out of pre-school. Knew all his colors (except tan - what 3 year old knows what tan is. Really. Does the state actually read their exams?) and his numbers 1 - 10, identified his letters and sounds, and wrote his name and owned it baby. Next year is going to be his year to shine even brighter. Just you wait and see.

I thought I was supposed to school you lady, not the other way around.

Now Isaiah is only 15 months old and does not attend school. However, this kid schools everyone else. Truly. He only has to gibber jabber and it's like the Pavlovian experiment is being conducted in this joint. Z, as he's affectionately referred to, is now starting to call his siblings with his own twist on their names and they all come running. Seriously. It's funny to watch my kids being bossed around by a 2 foot dictator. Not so funny to have him write on my freshly painted walls. With a red marker.

This is truly a blessed life I lead with these incredible little people.

Go. Go get costumed out. Rock your alter ego. Or your inner bad self. It's Halloween tomorrow. Own it.

Happy Halloween.

Friday, October 29, 2010

He's My Genius

Last school year, Manuel scored the highest CST scores for his 2nd grade class.  His reward came this year: a trip to John's Incredible Pizza in a limousine. The other 3 highest scoring students came as well.

Here's the limousine. It was a Cadillac stretch, shiny, chrome filled, gorgeous hunk of metal.  I seriously got a huge lump in my throat as I saw it driving up. Really. Truly.

It was all he spoke about for the week.

He came flying off the bus with the invitation in his sweaty hands dying to open it. As soon as he saw me he came to a stop and shouted, "I'm going on the limo to John's Incredible Pizza!" The invitation was torn into and read. Then re-read to make sure everyone around him had heard. I smiled and congratulated him. Tried to give him a kiss but his friends were around so he shot me a "later at home I'll let you smother me in kisses and hugs just not now cuz my friends are here" look.

I made him his favorite dinner: deep fried tacos with all the trimmings, Spanish rice, and Coke. All week he waited and talked about it and waited and talked about it some more and waited and told everyone who would listen all about the limo and pizza thing. I made sure to point out it was because of his test scores. What? I'm a proud momma.

His school really went all out to send them off in style. All the students from grades 2 through 6 came to rally them. I had no idea. As Manuel pointed out to his g-ma Bell, "Alyssa never went on the limo trip grandma," I didn't know what to expect for him. It was grand. It was beautiful. It was amazing. It was simply a moment in time that he will remember. Forever. I cried. Very quietly. Didn't embarrass him though. That's why I wear sunglasses.

Manuel, I am so proud of you. You are an amazing little boy who is becoming an amazing young man.

May God continue to bless you with these wonderful rewards for all of your hard work.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Fun

Last weekend: $20.00 worth of pumpkins that are going to rot as soon as these monkeys carve them because it's still 90 degrees here.

They'd been bugging me for days to take them. I wonder if she'll ever want to be seen with us again. Alyssa came only because I gave her an orange blouse to wear and told her to get in the car.

It actually started to drizzle as we backed out of our driveway. So much for our beautiful blue skies and magnificent weather. I have to admit, the "drizzle", I secretly adore it. It reminds me of where I grew up, by the coast, overcast, nip in the air and plenty of wind. It was hardly appreciated when I was a child. But now, if only I would be so blessed to be back in the same cool climate. I'm rambling. Or over sharing. Take your pick.

 Aiden was so excited he kept running from massive pumpkin piles to even more massive pumpkin piles.

 My curly headed boy is excited. It is a wonder to see this little corner "faux" pumpkin patch through his eyes. He was completely enchanted with everything, from the hay bales, to the inflatable slide, and back to the pumpkins.

Isaiah didn't know where to turn. Or walk. He didn't walk up to the pumpkin patch. He practically ran as fast as those little size 2 feet would take him. More like speed walked. He seemed to be looking over the entire patch of orange to see what he would lay claim on. And when he picked his pumpkin, he sat with it and refused to let go. Completely oblivious to the fact that his orange treasure was roughly his size.

Ironically, she was the first to pick out her pumpkin. Quick and methodical is her way. Confident, smart and beautiful is what makes her amazing.

At this point, seeing that his baby brother had picked out a huge pumpkin, Michael decides to do the right thing and pick a pumpkin more Isaiah's size. And then take over Isaiah's behemoth pumpkin. I have genius kids. Do you see Aiden still running from pile to pile? 

Manuel chose perfect roundness. He is a connoisseur of pumpkin picking. Last year he pick out the most difficult pattern and carved his pumpkin (with a little help from us). His carving came out so awesome. They all looked spectacular lit.

Still looking over the sea of orange.

Their chosen treasures. See the pumpkin Isaiah ended up with? His was the one next to Michael which is now Michael's.

They're dressed in their coordinating pumpkin shirts and they will continue to wear them until they physically outgrow me. Just sayin'.

Priceless: They were informed that since it is a week before the 2nd biggest day of their lives, the 1st being Christmas, they could not carve their pumpkins because they would rot and I didn't just spend $20 smackeroos to have them rot the next day in 90 degree weather. Guess you had to be there to see their "What the hell" expressions. I did give them markers to ease the pain. I'm not that cruel.

Once they're carved, I'll show you a picture of their masterpieces. I wish I had a picture of last years pumpkins because they were awesome all lit.

Happy Halloween!

And just because my Aiden is simply so handsome and a ham, here are some pictures of him with my next project. I'll share soon.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

P90X Update

So...I hurt my ribs. Bad. My auntie diagnosed me with corto something or other. Basically, you know where the cartilage and your ribs meet? Well, that separated. And it hurt. A lot. I couldn't take a breath without feeling like I was inhaling shards of glass. That happened the Sunday before I was supposed to start my workout.

It's now October and I feel fine. I can breath. In fact, I can also inhale a whole pizza fine. So now I will try to defy the gods that prevented the 30+ days that I lost due to injury. Monday will be the day. Monday. For reals. I have to lose this weight by the time the holidays roll around. Don't know about you, but I tend to gain quite a bit of weight during this time. And I refuse to shop for clothes until these pounds are off. So if you see me recycle the same 4-5 outfits don't say anything. I know I wear the same thing every 4-5 days. I know. I'm saving up for a new wardrobe when the 30 + pounds fall off.

And because I discovered that my camera will take 12 pictures at a time and I can save them on the internal memory, here is Isaiah. I call these: "What the hell mom. I'm 13 months old and not old enough to potty on the big people toilet. Didn't you have like 3 boys before me?"

And these from the park.



Cut The Cord Bitch, Cut The Cord

It's becoming very hard to stop nursing. One minute I'm all, "That's it! I'm done. He bit me again! Look at him, he's even laughing! The nerve!" The next minute I'm all, "I love the deranged ape act. Love it. Look at him, he can't get enough of me!"

I know I should cut the cord on the whole nursing thing because he is about 15 months old. The older he gets the harder it will be to cut him off. Then there's the whole biting thing. Not good. We'll see who lasts...odds are in his favor.
But as he roams the house with his Frankenstonian walk calling out "maaaaama" I melt. We have this love/love/love/love/give me a minute to pee cook relationship. He's with me all day long. He eats what I eat. He drinks what I drink. He's all mine. All day. Until it's time to cook. He's banished from the kitchen. Which produces big fat alligator tears because he's not by my side. (I secretly love this!) When I'm done, the monkey is back on my back.

I have found a solution to get a few minutes rest though. Brothers. 3 older brothers. Z loves his brothers. Loves them to no end. Loves when they get home from school and they play together. They rough house with him - the rougher the better - and he gets into their backpacks and homework and creates havoc all around. And he LOVES it. Them, not so much.

Should I bite the bullet and cut the cord? Or should I continue bonding letting him suck me dry? 

Me thinks I'll let the river run dry. Or until he doesn't want me to nurse any more. Whichever comes first. But I'm establishing some ground rules: no biting, no biting, and no biting. I'm sure I'll regret it. It will be very hard to make him stop no doubt. He's kinda stubborn - like his momma. He wants what he want when he wants. And that's ok with me. It's more than ok. He's the last of the babies...and I'm ok with that too. It's been said that we need each other. We do. And I cherish every moment. Most of the time. When he's not biting.

And because I found the cord (no pun intended) that transfers my pictures to my laptop (that's the technical term, swear), I will share some pictures of Isaiah.  He was actually posing for me with these cheesy faces and cheesy poses. Gotta love this boy.

Nurse me! Nurse me! You can't say no to this cute face with razor sharp teeth!

The camera is not at fault here. The craptacular photographer and her cropping, or lack thereof, skill is.