Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Broken Butt

I overheard the following conversation as my husband and Aiden, age 3, were walking down the hallway:

Aiden: "Dad, my butt's broken."

My husband: "Your butt's broken?"

Aiden: "Yeah, it has a hole in it."

I did not hear my husbands response to this. Mainly because I was on the floor LMAO!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Important Things In Life

So Little Michael's preschool teacher asked the class to draw what they would put in their suitcase if they were going to the moon:

And I quote:

"I would take an apple, orange, my dad, my mom and whole family. Toys to play with. I have a new Bakugan and I would bring the toilet and the toilet seat."

Hmm. Interesting. A toilet and the toilet seat.

That's right baby! Bring 'em both!

(What about the toilet paper honey? Just askin'.)

Needless to say, my son will grow up to be a fine young man who truly recognizes the important things in life ;)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Burn Rubber Baby!

So my son my husband decided that the training wheels were coming off.  Even though I was excited for him, I'm his mom and all I could think of were broken bones, fast cars, stationary cars that he might pedal into, scraped knees, cracked skulls, dumbass drivers, etc. etc.  If it were to cause him a potential hurt, I thought about it.

Here is my son, getting the 411 on two wheelin'.
 Here is my son walking back to the 411 on two wheelin' after a small scare (which sent me into hysterics!). Be proud of me...I just kept taking pictures and kept my mouth shut. Almost shut. Ok...I yelled at my husband. Out of fear for my child I tell you.
Here he is taking off. Right after the 411 lesson. Isn't he so cool? and awesome? Did I mention he's 4? Oh, and he took right off. Did I tell you that already?
 I just feel the need to clarify: That is not a look of fear on his face. Ok? Ok. Glad we cleared that up.
 Here's my baby boy! I'm so proud of you!
 Now if I could only wrap him in bubble wrap.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

They're Heeere!

The teeth are here.

See that glare? There on the upper right? Nope. Not a glare. It's the matching tooth. 4 of those suckers came in at the same time. Lovely.
Please pray for me.
Ahh, I mean him, totally him. 
And maybe just a little bit for me.

Then he just goes and makes me forget the sleepless nights, chin bites and did I mention I still nurse? melt with this:

Ignore the snot.  It's been a crazy, illness filled week. Or two. Definitely two. And please don't forget to factor in the teething.

Years from now, I'm sure I'll fondly re-read this post and wish for the days where you were still my little baby boy. 

But for now. Just pray people. Just pray.