Friday, May 13, 2011

Easter Business, Tithing, and Nut Wedgies

Easter was fun this year. A little sad that I had to kind of force the two older ones to participate. Manuel was hell bent on whispering to anyone that would bend over and listen that he knew the Easter Bunny was not real and that he has known this since first grade. I told him to shut his trap if he wanted to participate in the festivities. Worked like a charm. Alyssa was more the "I'm too old to be hunting for eggs" type. She changed her mind real quick once she saw me stuff the eggs with money and chocolate.

Easter festivities started Saturday with a nacho lunch outside while I prepared the egg coloring supplies inside.

G-ma Bell, your love of books has been passed on.

Aiden tried the new Minute Maid Orangeade juice drink. That's his 'I love it' face.

Manuel, the non-believer, had the most fun and painted the most eggs. Isaiah was a little upset when he couldn't get the paint off of his fingers.

Michael and Alyssa had a great time too. She didn't want to do this but I made her.  Just because I can. And she ended up fighting for more eggs at the end.

155 eggs. Compliments of Grandpa the Easter Bunny. Stuffed by momma. At 2 am. Because these kids would not go to sleep.

The Easter Bunny did not do baskets this year. I was worried they would flip out. They didn't even notice.

While I was getting them dressed and ready, I apparently pulled Michael's pants to far up. He promptly responded by pulling them down and telling me I gave him a nut wedgie. Yeah. He said it. Nut wedgie. It took me a moment to process that one before I proceeded to roll on the floor. Laughing hysterically.



Isaiah wasn't sure what was going on. However, once an egg was opened for him and he ate the chocolate, he actually pushed his brothers out of the way to get to an egg. 

Funny story. I found this new set of gold colored utensils at a thrift shop. My kids loved them. It was all they talked about and currently all they will eat with. From the oldest to the youngest. Silly kids.

Checking out the loot.

Oh, I love this boy.

Out of 11 pictures, this was the only decent one. Just saying.

Easter egg hunting was followed by a Nerf war. Isaiah won.

Then nap time.

Followed by a water ballon fight.

And then dinner time. BBQ chicken, rice, beans, and potato salad. Their favorites.

My non-believer now believes.

This boy and his hair. Love them both.

The evening church service was so beautiful. With the incense, and water blessing and the simple routine of mass. And also apparently not filled to capacity which the Priest made sure to point out. Comical I tell you. Also comical was the fact that my son, Michael, decided to whisper very loudly to his sister that he was keeping the $5 dollar bill and only tithing his $1 bill. Yeah. That was my son who chose to proclaim this while the entire congregation was feeling a moment of silence. Super.

Even after that interesting church service, Easter rocked. Loved my boys and my girl. Enjoyed my boys and my girl. And loved them some more. 

Happy Belated Easter.

I know, I know, mom...better late than never.

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